High Speed Cameras Facility

Listed below are the fast cameras available in :

Phantom V7.3

Fast Cameras Guidelines

  • To be a Fast Camera user, you must first be trained by the Fast Camera Administrater. Contact the fast camera administrater to the google calendar. Subscribe to the mailing list here.
  • Cameras must be reserved via the Google Calendar (below) prior to usage. Reservations are the most convenient way to organize this share resource and provides necessary information to our external funding source.
  • The schedule runs from Saturday to Friday. The schedule is opened on Friday mornings.
  • To ensure availability for all users, check with the administrater if you need to reserve a camera for more than three days or (30 hours) in one week.
  • Contact the administrater for directions to the fast cameras.
  • Cameras must be returned to their proper place by the end of the reservation time unless arrangements are made with the owner of the next reservation.
  • Data older than 3 days may be deleted by any user. In case of insufficient space, data older than 1 day may be deleted.
  • Repeated infractions of the reservation rules will lead to revocation of borrowing privileges as per the judgment of the Fast Camera Administrator.