Network Storage

General Information

Our lab has a shared group directory on the SEAS networked file servers. This is useful for storing shared files that you collaborate with others on, or transferring data from one computer to another, and is automatically backed up every night by SEAS IT. We only have 300 GB of free storage, so this is NOT an appropriate place to store large amounts of data (> 10 GB)! If you need a large amount of networked personal storage space, you should use your personal home directory.

You can connect to the group directory by following the instructions on the SEAS IT website. Our group name is weitzlab so you will use the path \\\group\weitzlab to connect. In order to connect to the directory, you must have a SEAS account (you already have one if you have a SEAS email address) and SEAS IT must enable your access. Your username and password will be the same one you use to log on to your SEAS webmail, but the username with the prefix "SEAS\", i.e. "SEAS\your-SEAS-username".

To connect to the SEAS network server from a Mac computer, go to the Finder dialogue menu, go to the GO tab,at the end of the list, choose connect to server and type in: smb:// If you use a PC, the slashes are in the opposite direction, that is smb:\\\group\weitzlab

If you do not have access, but you do have a SEAS account, contact Liheng to get access. If you do not have a SEAS account, you need to firstapply for a SEAS account. After you get an account, then contact Liheng.

Please note that you must be on the Harvard campus network in order to connect to the directory. If you want to access the directory from off-campus, you will need to use a VPN client.

Uploading Group Meeting Powerpoints & Group Publications

To upload your group meeting powerpoint files, create a folder with your name inside the subfolder "Group Meeting Powerpoints", and put your file there. Be sure to compress your movies appropriately so that your file is a reasonable size. Similarly for publications, create a folder with your name inside the subfolder "Group Publications", and put your publications there.