Weitzlab Rheology Center


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Update: We are currently upgrading from the old webcal system, so please e-mail Zach or Helen, they can give you access to the Google Calendars.

Use policy: This is somewhat informal, but in general, if you are more than three hours late for your scheduled time, other people should feel free to use the Rheometer. Please let people know if you have reserved time but are not going to use it.

When making a reservation for a rheometer, one has to provide, in a visible way, information on the tools one will use with that rheometer (e.g. 60mm plate, 40mm cone, etc...). If there could be ambiguity between different similar tools (e.g. there are two 40mm cones), include the serial number of the tool you wish to use.

New Users

New users from in and outside Harvard are welcome to use the rheometers. If you want to use one of our rheometers, please contact one of the following people to get training:
  • Helen Wu
  • Zach Gault

ARES-G2 Part List