Squishy Physics

Next seminar: March 1st 2017, 5.30 PM in Pierce 301

Speaker: Dr. Nicolas Waisbord, Tufts University

Title: Magnetotactic bacteria: from single cell to collective behavior 

Abstract: Magnetotactic bacteria synthesize nano-magnets on their membranes, allowing them to align on earth magnetic field. This passive mechanical occurrence of magnetosensing, coupled with self propulsion, makes MTBs a model biological system of "driven but not dragged" matter. In microfluidics experiments, we explore how this passive alignment is coupled with aerotaxis, how cells react when driven against a poiseuille flow, and finally how collective behaviors emerge in dense suspensions.


Squishy Physics & Pizza Seminar Series

When: Wednesday Evenings - 5:30pm till...

Where: Room 301, Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford St, on the Harvard Campus. Directions and parking instructions are here.

What: These talks are informal, with emphasis on new results and ideas, rather than polished presentations. The Squishy audience members typically include soft matter scientists, physicists, engineers, chemists, and biologists.  The goal is to stimulate discussion with the audience.  Talks are typically about 45 minutes long, with lots of questions along the way.

Pizza: Only the finest! 

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Directions: Where: Squishy Physics talks are held in Pierce Hall room 301, 29 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA. See Harvard Campus map here.

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