Squishy Physics

Next seminar: March 29th 2017, 5.30 PM in Pierce 301

Speaker: Prof. Peggy Cebe, Tufts University

Title: Unraveling Mysteries of the Silk Cocoon



Silk is a naturally occurring biopolymer which has been used in textiles for over 5000 years. The properties of silk protein are related to the secondary structures, such as helices, random coils and beta pleated sheet crystals. We have prepared the silk protein, fibroin, by extracting it from the native cocoons and use this as a starting material for our investigations into the structure of silk. In this presentation, I will describe our studies to quantify the amounts of the different secondary structures using X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, and high precision, high accuracy heat capacity measurements. Silk degrades before melting when heated at slow rates. We used fast scanning chip calorimetry to heat silk at 2000 K/s, thereby minimizing thermal degradation and demonstrating the melting behavior of beta pleated sheets. A first estimate of the thermodynamic heat of fusion of beta sheet crystals is presented.


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