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Dynamics of knotted DNA and knots in DNA


Alex Klotz

Departmant of Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Knots occur naturally in biological DNA, a phenomenon relevant for cellular genome organization as well as genetic sequencing technology. Knotted DNA molecules serve as a model experimental system for polymer entanglement, where fluorescent microscopy can be used to study polymer dynamics on the individual chain level. To study the dynamics of knots in DNA, we induce knotting in viral DNA using an electrohydrodynamic instability and stretch the molecules with a divergent electric field in a microfluidic channel, analogous to elongational flow. I will discuss some recent results from our experiments and simulations, including the effect of knots on the entropic elasticity of a stretched molecule, the motion of knots along elongated molecules, and the process by which knots untie as they reach the end of the molecule.


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