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Next seminar: Wednesday August 14th 2019 in Pierce Hall 209 at 6:00 PM

Non-equilibrium physics of the cytoskeleton and metabolism

Daniel Needleman

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Harvard University

Abstract: Living systems are out of equilibrium and nearly all cellular processes require a continual supply of energy. The realization of the importance of non-equilibrium processes for subcellular organization helped to inspire the field of active matter, which seeks to understand the behaviors of system in which energy is input at the microscale. Despite intensive work on the dynamics and mechanics of active matter, there is very little known about the thermodynamic flows in these systems which are ultimately responsible for their non-equilibrium nature. Such thermodynamic flows are also extremely important (and extremely poorly understood) in biological systems, because the breakdown of metabolic processes responsible for energy transduction has diverse cellular and developmental consequences, and underlies a variety of diseases. In this talk, I will describe quantitative experiments on: 1) the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of mixtures of microtubules and molecular motors; 2) the metabolism of mammalian oocytes.


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