Scaling in Colloid Aggregation


Weitz, D. A. ; Lin, M. Y. ; Huang, J. S. ; Witten, T. A. ; Sinha, S. K. ; Gethner, J. S. ; Ball, R. C. Scaling in Colloid Aggregation. In Scaling Phenomena in Disordered Systems; 1991; pp. 171-188. Copy at


We study the aggregation of aqueous gold colloids and apply modern scaling methods to interpret our results. We find that there are two regimes of aggregation, each with different rate-limiting physics, depending on the sticking probability of the individual colloidal particles. Each regime is distinguished by the fractal dimension of the resultant clusters, the aggregation dynamics and the cluster-mass distribution. The two regimes are diffusion-limited cluster aggregation and reaction-limited aggregation; and the two represent the two limiting universality classes for kinetic cluster-cluster aggregation.

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