Origins of elasticity in intermediate filament networks


Lin, Y. - C. ; Yao, N. Y. ; Broedersz, C. P. ; Herrmann, H. ; Mackintosh, F. C. ; Weitz, D. A. Origins of elasticity in intermediate filament networks. Physical Review Letters 2010, 104. Copy at
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Intermediate filaments are common structural elements found in abundance in all metazoan cells, where they form networks that contribute to the elasticity. Here, we report measurements of the linear and nonlinear viscoelasticity of networks of two distinct intermediate filaments, vimentin and neurofilaments. Both exhibit predominantly elastic behavior with strong nonlinear strain stiffening. We demonstrate that divalent ions behave as effective cross-linkers for both networks, and that the elasticity of these networks is consistent with the theory for that of semiflexible polymers.


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