Multidisciplinary endeavors make future medicine smart


Shang, L. ; Cao, Y. ; Weitz, D. A. Multidisciplinary endeavors make future medicine smart. Smart Medicine 2022, 1 e20220031. Copy at
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Humans suffer from thousands of diseases, and many of them lack effective methods for diagnosis and treatment. To address these unmet medical needs, basic research in multiple areas can provide important clinical contributions. The breathtaking discoveries in fundamental life sciences not only enhance our understanding of the human body but also lead to the creation of new diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Innovations in medically relevant technologies, drawing on a wide range of disciplines, bring hope to previously intractable illnesses. All these lead to the dramatic transformation of medicine toward “Smart Medicine.” We foresee the future of medicine to be nourished with cutting-edge ideas from many different fields. We also anticipate specially designed methods that help translate these ideas and make them fit for specific healthcare purposes.

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