Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode particles


Zhao, Y. ; Shum, H. C. ; Chen, H. ; Adams, L. L. A. ; Gu, Z. ; Weitz, D. A. Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode particles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 8790-8793. Copy at http://www.tinyurl.com/ldpoz37
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We develop a new strategy to prepare quantum dot (QD) barcode particles by polymerizing double-emulsion droplets prepared in capillary microfluidic devices. The resultant barcode particles are composed of stable QD-tagged core particles surrounded by hydrogel shells. These particles exhibit uniform spectral characteristics and excellent coding capability, as confirmed by photoluminescence analyses. By using double-emulsion droplets with two inner droplets of distinct phases as templates, we have also fabricated anisotropic magnetic barcode particles with two separate cores or with a Janus core. These particles enable optical encoding and magnetic separation, thus making them excellent functional barcode particles in biomedical applications.


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