Inelastic Mie Scattering from Rough Metal Surfaces


Weitz, D. A. ; Gramila, T. J. ; Genack, A. Z. Inelastic Mie Scattering from Rough Metal Surfaces. In Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering; Springer: Boston, 1982; pp. 339-360. Copy at


One of the most widely debated questions concerning surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is the nature of the surface morphology required to obtain the large enhancements. While it is generally agreed that surface roughness is important, the specific nature of this roughness, and its exact role in the enhancement has been a subject of considerable debate. In this chapter, we discuss experimental results that address this question directly. We study an extremely low frequency Raman mode which we attribute to Raman scattering (RS) from the rough metal surface itself.1,2 From the low frequency Raman scattering we can determine the nature of the roughness which contributes to SERS. From the anomalous behavior of this Raman scattering, we can determine the role of this roughness in the large enhancement of the RS cross section of adsorbed molecules.

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