Fluorocarbon Oil Reinforced Triple Emulsion Drops


Lee, H. ; Choi, C. - H. ; Abbaspourrad, A. ; Wesner, C. ; Caggioni, M. ; Zhu, T. ; Nawar, S. ; Weitz, D. A. Fluorocarbon Oil Reinforced Triple Emulsion Drops. Advanced Materials 2016, 28, 8425-8430. Copy at http://www.tinyurl.com/y45co8pr
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Fluorocarbon oil reinforced triple emulsion drops are prepared to encapsulate a broad range of polar and non‐polar cargoes in a single platform. In addition, it is demonstrated that the fluorocarbon oil within the emulsion drop acts as an effective diffusion barrier, as well as a non‐adhesive layer, enabling highly efficient encapsulation and retention of small molecules and active biomolecules in microcapsules.

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