Electromagnetically Induced Changes in Intensities, Spectra and Temporal Behavior of Light Scattering from Molecules on Silver Island Films

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The electrodynamic interactions which lead to surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) also lead to dramatic changes in the intensities, spectra, and temporal behavior of the fluorescent emission of adsorbates on rough metal surfaces. Spectral shifts of the fluorescence of adsorbates on island films have been observed (a) by examining the emission from adsorbates on different substrates, (b) by a "photochemical holeburning" method, and (c) by measuring the temporal evolution of the fluorescent spectrum at very short times after laser excitation. The observed changes can be accounted for within the framework of the electromagnetic theory of SERS generalized to include the details of molecular resonances and relaxed emission processes.

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