Controllable microfluidic production of multicomponent multiple emulsions


Wang, W. ; Xie, R. ; Ju, X. - J. ; Luo, T. ; Liu, L. ; Weitz, D. A. ; Chu, L. - Y. Controllable microfluidic production of multicomponent multiple emulsions. Lab on a Chip 2011, 11, 1587-1592. Copy at
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A hierarchical and scalable microfluidic device constructed from a combination of three building blocks enables highly controlled generation of multicomponent multiple emulsions. The number, ratio and size of droplets, each with distinct contents being independently co-encapsulated in the same level, can be precisely controlled. The building blocks are a drop maker, a connector and a liquid extractor; combinations of these enable the scale-up of the device to create higher-order multicomponent multiple emulsions with exceptionally diverse structures. These multicomponent multiple emulsions offer a versatile and promising platform for precise encapsulation of incompatible actives or chemicals, for synergistic delivery and biochemical and chemical reactions, and for engineering multicompartment materials with controlled internal phases.


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