Wenshan and Peter's paper published in Science! Congratulations!

June 6, 2022

Congratulations, Wenshan and Peter! 

High-throughput, single-microbe genomics with strain resolution, applied to a human gut microbiome

Abstract: Characterizing complex microbial communities with single-cell resolution has been a long-standing goal of microbiology. We present Microbe-seq, a high-throughput method that yields the genomes of individual microbes from complex microbial communities. We encapsulate individual microbes in droplets with microfluidics and liberate their DNA, which we then amplify, tag with droplet-specific barcodes, and sequence. We explore the human gut microbiome, sequencing more than 20,000 microbial single-amplified genomes (SAGs) from a single human donor and coassembling genomes of almost 100 bacterial species, including several with multiple subspecies strains. We use these genomes to probe microbial interactions, reconstructing the horizontal gene transfer (HGT) network and observing HGT between 92 species pairs; we also identify a significant in vivo host-phage association between crAssphage and one strain of Bacteroides vulgatus. Microbe-seq contributes high-throughput culture-free capabilities to investigate genomic blueprints of complex microbial communities with single-microbe resolution. 

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