Weitzlab volleyball team won 3rd place in Rhino league! Bravo!

September 2, 2022
Weitzlab volleyball team won 3rd place in Rhino league! Bravo!

The Weitzlab volleyball team, dubbed the Notorious D.I.G., achieved the best record in group history at the Harvard Rhino beach volleyball league, 3rd place out of 40 teams! 

The league takes place every year from June to August. Many players in the team rarely play volleyball before the season, so we started from the recreational division just to have fun. Surprisingly, as many members frequently practice after work, we got better every week and won all 7 matches in the regular season against other recreational teams. This makes us rank 7 across all the competitive and recreational teams to start the playoff. Through another 7 tough matches, we made it to the semi-final and are the only team in SEAS/Physics that went so far! Though we didn’t make it to the final, we regained momentum and won the bronze medal.

We could not have gone this far without the group’s cheering, coach Bob’s guide, and every player’s diligence and efforts. We also designed our team jersey and signed up for the indoor volleyball league in the fall semester. Watch for more good news later! 

Here is the full list of our super team: Will Wang, Kayla Keepseagle, Felix Song, Ryan Garry, Alex Young, Max Jiang, Arka Basu, Elisa Julien, Mathilde Schneider, Doris Zhan, Aidan Duncan.