June 10, 2020

ToSTRIKEday, members of the Weitz Group joined individuals at institutions, laboratories, scientific societies, and technical journals around the world to pause their work in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and efforts against racism in the scientific community and society at large. The day to reflect and plan action steps was in response to calls from #ShutDownSTEMStrike For Black Lives, and others organizers. 

The ShutDownSTEM website is a good starting point for those who want to have discussions about race, learn more about anti-Black racism in academia, amplify Black voices, and more.

SEAS-specific actions

The SEAS Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) developed a roadmap published last year – the SEAS Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategic Plan, which contains discreet steps to make our School more diverse, more welcoming, and more excellent. In recent months, Alexis Stokes and Veronica Santana of the DIB office have been meeting with teams to help them identify practical steps that areas and offices can take to activate the DIB Strategic Plan at a local level.

On June 2, SEAS and FAS Science Division hosted a community conversation titled, "Two Pandemics." Watch the panel and read The Harvard Gazette coverage.

Individuals and groups who are taking today to engage in thoughtful conversations about what they can do to make our School the community we aspire to be are encouraged to document efforts they will take to address issues related to bias within the SEAS community at a community forum.